physiotherapy treatment goals following stroke

stroke or cerebrovascular accident will lead to paralysis of one side of the body. it will lead to either right upper and lower limb being unable to move or either left upper and lower limb being unable to move. there are cases where it affects only one limb of the body. once patient is medically stable, physiotherapy can start for the patient. the goals will be prevent pressure sore by turning the patient is bed over 2 hours in conjunction with the nurses. physiotherapy will also aim at preventing neglect of the affected side of the body by getting patient to be attended to through that side. passive movement to the affected upper and lower limb joints will be done. forward reach exercises in sitting will be done to improve patient sitting balance. patient will be progressed to standing within parallel bar or rotastand of molift and progress to standing with wheeled zimmer frame. walking within parallel bar will be done and patient will be progress to walking with tripod or quad stick

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