shoulder exercises

shoulder exercises are recommended for patients having shoulder pain and decreased shoulder range of movement. patients with rotator cuff injury, shoulder joint arthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement syndrome etc are prescribed shoulder pendulum exercises.
1: clasp the fingers of both hands together, straighten the elbows and lift both hands above the head 10 times
2: clasp the fingers of both hands together, extend both elbows joints and move the clasped fingers to the right and left side just like you are rocking a baby to sleep 10 times
3: straighten the shoulder and elbow joints and draw a circle clockwise 10 times and anti clockwise 10 times
4: place the affected upper limb finger on the wall in front of you and climb the wall with your fingers and return back to the starting point. try to climb the wall higher each day with your fingers
5: swing the affected shoulder sideways 10 times.
6: swing the affected shoulder diagonally

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