become pain free with sports massage

Massage has been used in ancient times and continue to be vital treatment method for relieving body pain and aches. Unconsciously, human being rub their body to relieve pain and this works for most people.
Some of the explanations given for pain relieve from massage are:
1: The pressure applied to skin and soft tissue during massage generates body heat which helps to keep the body warm.
2: The contraction of muscles, soft tissue etc during massage also improves blood and lymph circulation and this wash away end products of metabolism within cells of the body. This process leads to decrease pain felt.
The benefit of massage are as follow
1: improved muscle tone
2: improved blood and lymph circulation within the body
3: decrease chances of getting sporting injury
4: promote body awareness and fitness

Sports massage is vital in preventing sporting injury as the body is well tone and prepared for activity ahead. Hence, professional athlete always have massage pre and post event.

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