stop that knee pain now with physiotherapy

Knee pain is a common symptom of degenerative changes commonly referred to `wear and tear` in layman term to the knee joints. the lower end of femur (thigh) bone and upper end of tibia (leg) bone rest on each other to form the knee joint. there are cartilage at the ends o these bone to prevent them rubbing on each other due to sensitive nerves at the ends of these bones. with time or some health condition like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc. makes the cartilage to wear out and the sensitive bones ending will be rubbing over each other causing pain.

knee replacement surgery can be done in some instance if the pain can not be controlled with pain medication. physiotherapy is the common treatment option for knee pain.
the common exercises for knee pain are as follow
1: squatting. in standing position, holding the kitchen worktop, bend your knee downward and come back to standing position. repeat 10 times
2: in sitting position: straighten your knees and bend it to rest on the floor. repeat 10 times
3: cycling: riding a bicycle or a static cycle can also strengthen the lower limbs muscles
4: walking over longer distance is good
5: jogging over longer distance is good
6: going up and down the stairs is a good way to strengthen your lower limbs
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