patient testimonials

lll “Thank you, Samuel, for establishing a relaxed setting for my Physiotherapy Sessions – this
coupled with your calm persona, encourages me to continue my exercises for the future”

Valerie C-G.

lll I have been attending the therapy sessions for a couple of weeks now. I am really happy with
the outcome, the results are very positive. The staff is very generous and kind, I am
extremely happy with my treatment. I would recommend this company for all those that are
in need of physiotherapy.

Anna Krasniqi

lll I would like to say I’ve been very pleased and happy with the physiotherapy that I have
received from Samuel the therapist it’s made a big difference and I highly recommend

Steve Hagger

lll Iftob physio is a very professional physiotherapist that helped me recover from my back and
neck injuries caused by a car accident. I was treated in my appointments as well as given
exercises to do at home. This all helped my recovery in a speedy process and would
definitely recommend Iftob physio.

Serhan Kalipci

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