Setting up physiotherapy clinic in uk

Are you a physiotherapist thinking of argumenting your monthly salary or new graduate looking to get your first paid job or you took a break in the profession and now ready to join UK Physiotherapy workforce then this write up is for you.

Going into private physiotherapy service is another way to earn your income. Private physiotherapy practice afford you the flexibility of determining how many hours you want to work and how much you can charge per patient you attend to.

The first step is to consider how you will get your clients. Some physiotherapy clinics depend solely on insurance companies referrals with patients presenting with whiplash injury from car accident. This source of referral is ok if there is large volume of patients being referred. The set back is that these insurance companies will set a standard flat fee per session which can be as low as £21 for 30minutes session and there are volumes of paper work to do.

The second source of referrals is patients coming directly to the clinic. This involves lots of marketing effort to get the public to know about the clinic and also patronise it. Some physiotherapy clinic are charging £100 or more for 30minutes session. Good money can be made this way if there are lots of clients patronising the clinic.

The second step to consider is venue of the clinic. Property with D1 or B1 planning permission are required by law for this. This can be confirm from the landlord or borough council office.

Location of the clinic is extremely important as well. A location close to train station will definitely have bus routes as some clients that are driving can either use the bus or train to come to the clinic. Having parking facility onsite, disable access, receptionist on site, waiting room are desirable.
Membership of chartered society of physiotherapy and being hcpc licence and a clean dbs check is mandatory.

Thinking of living the rich people lifestyle and having luxury, then going into private physiotherapy practice is the way out as incomes is not fixed and great fortune can be made in it.

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