carpal tunnel

Carpal tunnel
tingling or pins and needle sensation over the palm of your hand may be carpal tunnel syndrome. do you spend long period on the computer or other activity involving clenching your fists (cycling, rowing, weight lifting, cardio work out etc). these activity makes one prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.
simple exercises you can do to relieve carpal tunnel pain are as follow
1: flex and extend your wrist x10
2: spread your fingers and bring your finger close together x10
3: radial and ulnar deviation of your wrist x10
4: squeeze the pillow intermittently x10
5: have more frequent break to prevent clenching your fists for longer period
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Massage has been used in ancient times and continue to be vital treatment method for relieving body pain and aches. Unconsciously, human being rub their body to relieve pain and this works for most people.
Some of the explanations given for pain relieve from massage are:
1: The pressure applied to skin and soft tissue during massage generates body heat which helps to keep the body warm.
2: The contraction of muscles, soft tissue etc during massage also improves blood and lymph circulation and this wash away end products of metabolism within cells of the body. This process leads to decrease pain felt.
The benefit of massage are as follow
1: improved muscle tone
2: improved blood and lymph circulation within the body
3: decrease chances of getting sporting injury
4: promote body awareness and fitness

Sports massage is vital in preventing sporting injury as the body is well tone and prepared for activity ahead. Hence, professional athletes always have massage pre and post event.
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Setting up physiotherapy clinic in uk

Are you a physiotherapist thinking of argumenting your monthly salary or new graduate looking to get your first paid job or you took a break in the profession and now ready to join UK Physiotherapy workforce then this write up is for you.

Going into private physiotherapy service is another way to earn your income. Private physiotherapy practice afford you the flexibility of determining how many hours you want to work and how much you can charge per patient you attend to.

The first step is to consider how you will get your clients. Some physiotherapy clinics depend solely on insurance companies referrals with patients presenting with whiplash injury from car accident. This source of referral is ok if there is large volume of patients being referred. The set back is that these insurance companies will set a standard flat fee per session which can be as low as £21 for 30minutes session and there are volumes of paper work to do.

The second source of referrals is patients coming directly to the clinic. This involves lots of marketing effort to get the public to know about the clinic and also patronise it. Some physiotherapy clinic are charging £100 or more for 30minutes session. Good money can be made this way if there are lots of clients patronising the clinic.

The second step to consider is venue of the clinic. Property with D1 or B1 planning permission are required by law for this. This can be confirm from the landlord or borough council office.

Location of the clinic is extremely important as well. A location close to train station will definitely have bus routes as some clients that are driving can either use the bus or train to come to the clinic. Having parking facility onsite, disable access, receptionist on site, waiting room are desirable.
Membership of chartered society of physiotherapy and being hcpc licence and a clean dbs check is mandatory.

Thinking of living the rich people lifestyle and having luxury, then going into private physiotherapy practice is the way out as incomes is not fixed and great fortune can be made in it.

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Low back pain exercises

Are you having low back pain? Why not try these exercises
1: trunk rotation to the right side and left side. This can be done in sitting or standing. When standing, keep your feet apart and try to maintain balance as it is easy to lose one’s balance while doing this exercise.
2: trunk extension in sitting or standing.
3: bridging exercise. This is done lying on the bed and lifting the pelvis/buttock off the bed.
4: straight leg raise exercise in supine lying in bed.
10 repetition of these exercises twice daily can lead to decrease low back pain.

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pain relief for back pain

back pain is commonly in the working population and it accounts for greater percentage of days taken off work by most worker. some occupation such as carer, nursing, construction workers etc are prone to having back pain.
simple exercises to relief back pain are
1: trunk rotation
2: trunk extension
3: pelvic bridging exercises in supine lying
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exercises to relief shoulder pain

some exercises to relief shoulder pain are
1: swinging the arm forward and backward
2: swinging arm to the right and left side
3: drawing a circle in the clockwise direction
4: drawing a circle in the anti-clockwise direction
5: finger ladder climbing up and down the wall

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patient testimonials

lll “Thank you, Samuel, for establishing a relaxed setting for my Physiotherapy Sessions – this
coupled with your calm persona, encourages me to continue my exercises for the future”

Valerie C-G.

lll I have been attending the therapy sessions for a couple of weeks now. I am really happy with
the outcome, the results are very positive. The staff is very generous and kind, I am
extremely happy with my treatment. I would recommend this company for all those that are
in need of physiotherapy.

Anna Krasniqi

lll I would like to say I’ve been very pleased and happy with the physiotherapy that I have
received from Samuel the therapist it’s made a big difference and I highly recommend

Steve Hagger

lll Iftob physio is a very professional physiotherapist that helped me recover from my back and
neck injuries caused by a car accident. I was treated in my appointments as well as given
exercises to do at home. This all helped my recovery in a speedy process and would
definitely recommend Iftob physio.

Serhan Kalipci